Security Guard Service is our Priority.

Securing property, people and fire watch service is what our security guards do best. 

Our mission: Protect Life and Property.

About Us

Quality Security

When it comes to hiring the best security guards, you have to consider what matters most: cost and quality. Our security guard service company fits both marks for professionally securing your business at an affordable rate.

Service Specialties

We specialize in protective services tailored to your business and deliver the best security guard service you require. We do small and large security sites such as venues, school trips, malls, warehouses and buildings. We offer special protection of high profile individuals.

Security Professionals

Securing individuals and facilities is our top priority. Our highly trained and qualified unarmed and armed security guards are committed to serve and protect your small or large business 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days.


We are the guards to call when you need it.

With ample notification time, we can have a full staff within 24-48 hours to get the fire watch guards you need to safeguard your building. Our security guards use a 2-step fire watch report process to ensure that your building is properly logged and covered. 

Contact us today for fire watch services and get the job done right.

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